Dinosaur Sleepover!


January 13th to 14th, Pack 48 spent a night at the museum… the DINOSAUR museum!  In a whirlwind night at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, we made a fossil of a shark tooth, went digging for dinosaurs, learned about all sorts of ancient creatures from a paleontologist, went on a dinosaur scavenger hunt, looked at all of the many stuffed animals in the museum, saw a live owl demonstration, played a bunch of games, checked out baby and kid dinosaurs, and much more!

THEN WE GOT TO SLEEP IN THE DINOSAUR ROOM!!!  Pack 48 ended up spread out between the triceratops and the Hadrosaurus, with a few by the water dinosaurs too!

In the morning, we had breakfast, checked out the butterflies, and had a bit more dinosaur time (is there ever enough dinosaur time?) before heading home.

Where will we camp out next winter?  Franklin Institute?    The Battleship New Jersey?  The Philadelphia Zoo?  Adventure Aquarium?  Fort Mifflin?  No matter where it is, it will be fun!

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