What’s it cost?

Our Annual Dues
Updated for 2022

Our annual dues this year for returning Scouts are $200, which covers the 2022 calendar year.  Dues are due each October for the following calendar year.  There is a $10 discount on your dues for those paying before or the day of our October Pack Meeting!

Our annual dues for 2022 for new Scouts are $200, plus a pro-rated fee for the rest of 2021.  For example, if you join in September, there will be a cost of $200 for 2022, plus a reduced cost to join for the four months remaining in 2021.  Boy Scouts runs on an annual calendar, while the Pack runs on a school year calendar, which is where the difference is.

Your annual dues cover:

  • BSA Registration & Insurance (This money does not stay with us, but goes to the national offices)
  • Garden State Council Fee
  • Awards & Achievements earned by the Cub each year
  • A Scout neckerchief
  • Pack Meeting costs, including materials used during those meetings.
  • All Den meetings, including materials used during those meetings.  This will also cover almost all den outings, but once in a while, one may have an admission fee.You also have the option of signing up for a year’s worth (12 issues) of Boys Life Magazine for an additional $12, when you register your scout.

We believe that every child deserves a chance to be a Cub Scout.  For families who, due to temporary or long-term financial issues, find themselves struggling to pay the costs of Scouting, payment schedules or partial or full scholarships can be arranged, whether you are new to Scouting or one of our Scouting families already.  Please contact to Cubmaster Mike McCormick by emailing michaelmccormick26@gmail.com or call him at 856-287-2155

Your annual dues do not cover the following:

Uniform & Handbook

Uniforms should fit a Scout for at least 2 years. The Pack will supply the kerchief as part of the annual dues; the Scout family will be responsible for the following items:

  • Cub Scout Handbook for appropriate rank (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos/Arrow of Light) – $17.  These are optional for younger Scouts, but required for the older levels
  • The blue or tan short sleeved Cub Scout shirt (blue for grades K through 3rd grade, tan for grade 4th or 5th grade).  Blue shirts cost $25, tan shirts cost $30 or $40 per shirt (depending on which material you choose).
  • A Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Weblos belt ($10) or, if you already have the belt from a previous year, appropriate belt buckle ($7)
  • A council patch for Garden State Council
  • Red pack numbers “4” and “8”
  • The purple World Scout crest
  • Any navy/khaki pants with belt loops; official Scout pants are not necessary for the uniform.  Kids wear them out or grow too fast for us to require them, but you are welcome to buy them if you wish.
  • Optional – a scout hat for his rank, which cost between $15 and $17 depending on their level of Scouting.

Total uniform costs for a brand new Scout are between $61 and $83, depending on their level of Scouting and if you do all of options.  Scouts do not need a uniform to start Scouting, and can spread out these purchases as needed, starting with the uniform shirt.  Most of these pieces carry over from year to year, so this is not an annual expense.

This can be purchased online at http://www.scoutstuff.org or save shipping and go to our local Scout shop at 693 Rancocas Rd, Westampton, NJ 08060.

We also have a few used uniforms that families are welcome to borrow until they can get a new uniform.

For uniform information, you can check on the official Boy Scouts of America page.

Other Expenses

Our Schedule of Events is full of fun and adventure; some of the events are free, some have an event fee. Check out our schedule for what we are doing!  We’ll also be holding fundraisers to help offset some of the costs of Scouting!