BIG change for Pack 48!

As many have heard through the media or through the grapevine, starting in Fall 2018, girls will be allowed to join Cub Scouts all over the country for the first time.

However, Pack 48 has been approached about helping test out particulars of how this is going to work by accepting girls into our Pack early.  We are only one of a handful of Packs around the country to be asked to do this.  After talking it over, the leaders decided to accept the offer.

Therefore, we are able to start recruiting girls in grades Kindergarten through 4th Grade to join Pack 48, starting NOW!  They will officially become members of the Boy Scouts of America on February 1st!

Girls will be allowed to participate in ALL Pack Meetings, campouts, and Pack activities, the same as any of our current Scouts.  In line with how the Boy Scouts of America has set up this new venture, girls will be placed in separate, girl-only dens for their small, grade-level den meetings (the den programs for each level will be IDENTICAL to what is being done now, so the girls are not missing out on anything).  Therefore, we are also going to be in need of a few brave men or women to take on the role of den leaders for these new dens.

So if you have a daughter in your family who might be interested in Cubs, or have family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or random people at the supermarket who have sons OR daughters who might be interested in Cubs, invite them to get in contact with us by sharing the website, my contact info, or one of our Facebook posts!

Yours in Scouting,
Mike McCormick, Cubmaster

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