Pack 48 Blue & Gold!

For Pack 48’s first official Blue & Gold banquet, our theme is 1st Birthday because we’ve made it a whole year!


Who can come?: Cub Scouts and their families! Cubs will wear their Class A uniform. Parents and families are welcome to dress comfortable.

What is a “Blue & Gold”?  
Blue & Gold is the name of the yearly Cub Scout banquet to celebrate the birthday of the Scout program, recognize the pack leaders, and other adults instrumental to the pack’s success. Most importantly, it is a time to celebrate our Cub Scouts. It’s also our time to say goodbye to our Arrow of Light Scouts, as they leave us for the fun of Boy Scouts.

When is it? Sunday, March 24, 2019 2pm-5pm

Where is it? The Berlin VFW, 34 Chestnut Ave, Berlin, NJ

The important stuff:

What can I bring?

  • Dessert Competition

o    A very exciting event will be the Dessert Competition!!!! So break out the bake wear and Pinterest and get as creative as you want to be! Prizes will be awarded! Divisions:

  • Best Scouting Theme – Kids
  • Best Scouting Theme – Adults
  • Most Original – Kids
  • Most Original – Adults

o    Please bring an index card listing name and ingredients (allergies)

  • Blue and Gold decorations: streamers, plain banners, please no balloons.  Let Irene know if you can bring any of these!
  • Pack will provide iced tea, water, coffee, and paper products!

How can parents help?

  • Help is needed the day of the event with set up and clean up. Set up will begin at 1pm. If you are available, please come and help.
  • One part of the ceremony will involve face paint. Any Cub who does not want to have their face painted will have a mask that can be held up and painted instead. Please let Miss Irene know if your child will need a mask. Masks are wooden and held up by the child with a popsicle stick. Nothing fancy or scary.
  • It would be nice to have a chaplain or priest or preacher for the Invocation. Anyone know anyone (job comes with dessert!)?

Adult Voting

We aren’t the Oscars and there will be no red carpet, but there will be awards for the Adults of the pack! Any adult associated with the pack is eligible: Adults are asked to email their votes for the following categories to

  • The Leader who sets the example
  • The Leader or adult who is excited about their volunteer job
  • The Leader or Adult who is the spark of a project
  • The Leader or Adult who has done a very good job
  • The Leader or Adult who does well under pressure
  • The Adult who is always will to lend a hand
  • The Adult who always made sure everyone was laughing
  • The Adult who worked really hard for the pack
  • The Adult who can fix anything
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