Edelman Planetarium this week!

A friendly reminder that next Thursday, March 7, our Pack Meeting will be at the Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ! This is a FREE event. Each Cub must have a parent/guardian with them, and siblings are welcome to attend.

We’ll have a half hour watching a show on Space, followed by a half hour of star gazing inside the Planetarium.

Some things to know before you go:

Weekday parking for this event is located in Lot C at at the corner of James Bowe Blvd. and Carpenter St (football stadium parking). Be prepared for a 10 minute walk to Science Hall (see red line on attached picture). You may also drop off your Cub (with accompanying adult, of course!) at Lot A (off of Route 322) before parking in Lot C. There is handicapped parking available at the southwest corner of the Science Hall building for anyone that needs it.

Bathrooms must be used BEFORE the show starts at 7 PM. If a child has to leave to use the bathroom, there is no readmission while the show is playing. Good idea to have the kids (and probably us adults too) go before we go in.

No food or drinks or especially gum allowed in the theater!

Please make sure Cubs are quiet in the hallways, as there are night classes that go on in the building.

Please do your best to be on time, but if something goes wrong (can’t find the right building, held up by rabid Rowan Professors fans [Go Profs!], etc), please text Alix or I so that you aren’t locked out of the show. We can stall for a few minutes, but please note that every minute we wait after 7 will be one fewer minute for the group as a whole in the planetarium itself.

Edelman Planeterium was named “Best Family Fun” in 2018 by SJ Magazine, so this should be a really great experience!

If you have any questions, you can catch Alix or Mike at the den meetings this week!

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